Welcome to The Sheri Perl Self-Healing Program created to help you develop and activate your own innate healing abilities. I initially created this program for myself in order to address those things that were holding me back from living a fuller, more contented life. I realized in my early 20’s that I was walking around with feelings of fear as well as guilt bottled up inside of me. Through inner reflection I came to see that I didn’t always breathe fully nor did I laugh heartily enough. My energy had been depleted from both Crohn’s Disease and Hepatitis C and although I had just experienced a miraculous distant healing with the late British spiritual healer Harry Edwards, I didn’t understand what Mr. Edwards had done to bring about this wonderful healing, or how I could maintain my health.

As a result, I set out on a journey to understand why I had become so ill and if it was possible to protect myself in the future. I’m now 68 and I don’t pretend to know how to prevent bad things from happening, but I have learned how to boost my own energy and how to think more positively. These changes are not cure-alls for the challenges of life, however, they do help you to cope in the hard times and to lighten up in the good ones.

The program works with meditation, focused breathing, visualization, absorption and direction of energy and the intricate workings of our own personal thoughts and beliefs.

“Training in mindfulness, we learn to be aware of our own mental states without being caught in them. This capacity for self-reflection is the key to Buddhist psychology.”

One aspect of this healing program that differs from many healing programs is that it works a great deal with Mindfulness. Where many programs stress energy work, and indeed this program includes energy and light work, this program also employs the art of Mindfulness.

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