Step Three—
The Light, Raising Your Vibrations, Your Spiritual Immune System

What does the light have to do with your spiritual immune system? Only everything!

We all know that both the physical universe and the spiritual universe contain darkness and light. I believe that through this contrast we both learn and grow until we are so interested in the light that there is no other direction that we could possibly be drawn into. However, most of us are frustrated in our desire to stay focused on the light and the beauty of life because there is so mamy challenges coming at us from our busy lives and responsibilities.

Whether you are troubled by loss, illness, financial issues or all of the above, it’s quite difficult to maintain meditation and light work with so many things to take care of and work out. But that it all the more reason why we need to make the time to meditate, breathe and work with light in order to create a counter-influence on ourselves. We need to make some time to de-stress. There are so many different issues that we all deal with that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and simply miss the purpose of life, which I believe is to be in a state of love for ourselves and for others.

It’s easy to lose sight of spirituality and simply get lost in the day to dy, however if you want to feel less stress and experience more positive feelings, you need to consciously bring more light into your spiritual immune system. 

If you wanted to build up your physical immune system. You might change your diet and you probably wouldn’t eat as many of the foods that you know lack nutrition. You might start exercising and taking vitamins or supplements, stuff like that. With your spiritual immune system the food that strengthens is light itself. It’s nothing that you can ever see because this light is visible to the naked eye but it is all around you in the same way that radio waves and television waves are in the atmosphere undetected, and what about the Icloud which is completely invisble to us but we know exisits? So, dispense with looking for light from a candle and create the image of light in your mind. The following exercise will show you how to envision light and draw it into yourself as a way to fill your body with light therebye nourishing your spiritual immune system. This is excellent protection that each of you should take advantage of.

One of the most important things I learned from Harry Edwards was something he called Characterized Breathing, now called Focused Breathing. This involves adding a visualization to your breath in order to both absorb and direct light and healing energy.

It is vitally important for every cell of our bodies to absorb oxygen. It’s the one thing we cannot do without for more than a 3 minutes and yet the importance of deep breathing is seldom given it’s proper place in a system of self-healing. Because of the importance of breath, this healing program and all the steps within it, will always center around the breath.

The following Meditation which again will begin with The GateKeeper Meditation will move into Focused Breathing, first with the intention of healing yourself and second, with the intention of sending out healing energy to others.

Meditation to focused breathing—absorbing and directing healing energy

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